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Solutions for clarity, alignment and capability

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HENRY REED adds value to our clients by partnering with them to provide customised culture, strategy and performance solutions.  

We're passionate about organisation culture and see this as the key point of difference in creating competitive advantage and ensuring sustainability.

Our culture work focuses on the optimisation of results through people.  


To enable change and embed the elements of culture effectively, our work must be supported by effective leadership, systems and processes.  


To embed culture change and drive high performance we will work collaboratively with your internal team and provide external support to sustainably implement change and improve organisation capability.

More than 90% of directors reported that Australian business needs to make improvements in relation to corporate culture. (2017 Director Sentiment Report, AICD)

We've helped organisations across many industries improve their culture, align strategies and drive performance.

As a key business partner we work with you as an extension of your team to provide customised solutions for transformational change.


Our approach to managing projects successfully, follows a process designed to deliver measurable results and a return on investment for our clients.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop customised solutions

Every organisation is different and every culture is unique and so every solution must be fit for purpose and value adding.

Complimentary consultation

Book a time to explore the opportunities for us to add value to your organisation, your leaders and your team.


Leadership has the greatest influence on culture

Our solutions always have leaders and employees in mind to create a great workplace where people can do great work. Creating a great workplace requires clarity, alignment and capability so...



Clearly communicate

organisational purpose

Role model values


Understand the value of flexibilty

Find ways for people to contribute

Feedback is constructive and well delivered

See and seek to

develop potential



Know the goal and the role they play

Bring to life organisational values

Can work autonomously

Are given freedom to express ideas

Thoughtful disagreement is not only accepted but seen critical for growth

Feel personal fulfillmnet is honoured and important

Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership skill that we can develop for your leaders. Ask us how.

We believe that investing in people brings great rewards

How we deliver results for you

Knowledge & Expertise

More than 25 years experience in corporate HR, executive leadership and leadership coaching

Global perspectives and multi-national experience

Wide-ranging expertise enables us to provide complete advice - including support services - and ensures compliance and peace of mind

Knowledge supported by effective tools for audit, analysis, evaluation and development

Solving the Right Problems

Our extensive experience allows us to diagnose the root cause of problems correctly

Independent, unbiased advice

Work is never done as a 'matter of course'

Recommedations align with what we find

Relationship Driven

Professional and collaborative

Relationships are valued and fostered at every touch point

Our ability to understand and connect with multiple perspectives ensures engagement across all stakeholder groups

Actionable Advice

We make complex, simple (and believe) small changes can make a big difference

Solutions are achievable

A focus on people + process ensures ongoing and sustainable success

Who we've helped