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We love

what we do!

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We are passionate about making a difference to organisations and individuals to ensure everyone’s success at work.

Despite some misconception, HENRY REED is not a person but a group of talented consultants, advisors, and coaches who focus on culture and leadership.

Our Vision 

Is for all people who work to experience personal fulfilment, and for all organisations to prioritise people to optimise impact.

We do what we do to disrupt unproductive workplace norms and elevate the experience of work so that people can be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life.


... and what is not to love about helping others live their best life?


Here's how we will deliver results for you

Knowledge & Expertise

All of our consultants are highly experienced and specialists with deep knowledge and expertise - not recent graduates.

We pride ourselves on our thought leadership, global perspectives and multi-national experience.

Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to provide complete advice - including support services - and ensures compliance and peace of mind.

We use highly researched and effective tools for audit, analysis, evaluation, assessment and development.

Solving the Right Problems

We focus on evidence based research to allow us to diagnose the root cause of problems correctly.

We provide independent, unbiased advice to support the best decision making.

Our work is never done as a 'matter of course' or repurposing solutions. Our work and recommendations are customised for our client needs.

Relationship Driven

We will always be professional and collaborative.

We take a partnership approach meaning relationships are valued and fostered at every touch point.

Our ability to understand and connect with multiple perspectives ensures engagement across all stakeholder groups.

Actionable Advice

We make the complex, simple and believe that even small changes can make a big difference.

Our solutions are pragmatic and achievable.

Our focus on people + process ensures ongoing and sustainable success.

Meet the Team

The HENRY REED team of experienced senior specialists, advisors and coaches are highly qualified in culture transformation, human resources practices, organisational design and development, psychology and organisational behaviours, leadership, emotional intelligence, and design thinking.

We aspire to achieve our vision at work and through our work and support our team members' individual career goals, life commitments, and ways of working.

Join the Team

Our team and client base are continually growing and we are always looking for passionate culture and leadership professionals to join our team. If this sounds like you, contact us.


And there's more ...

Our Affiliations + Awards

Local Buy logo.jpg

HENRY REED is an approved Local Buy supplier to local government, state and territory governments, federal government, not-for-profits, statutory bodies and government owned corporations through the Local Buy contracts LB309 and LB328 for the provision of services in categories of:

  • Change Management

  • Strategic + Organisation Planning 

  • Human Resources

  • Workplace Relations

  • Business Management + Consulting

  • People + Wellbeing


Have confidence in engaging us to support your organisation knowing that ...

We are experts in our field.
We are a
reputable supplier.
Our pricing is
meet all our insurance and statutory obligations.

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