A passion for creating success

for everyone

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At HENRY REED we love what we do ...


HENRY REED was founded by Georgia Henry to maximise the potential of organisations, leaders, employees, business partners and even herself! With more than 25 years' experience in business leadership and corporate HR, Georgia understands how important people are to the success of any business.

​HENRY REED are organisation culture consultants with expertise in culture audit, culture design and managing culture change projects. We work collaboratively and with a focus on developing leaders and internal capability to ensure ongoing organisational effectiveness and return on investment.


We work with organisations that value people to help them overcome roadblocks and challenges to optimise their organisation and achieve success for everyone.

We are passionate about our work, we genuinely love working with people and improving the experience of work so everyone benefits.


...and we've worked with some amazing organisations

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Here's how we can deliver results for you

Knowledge & Expertise

More than 25 years experience in corporate HR, executive leadership and leadership coaching

Global perspectives and multi-national experience

Wide-ranging expertise enables us to provide complete advice - including support services - and ensures compliance and peace of mind

Knowledge supported by effective tools for audit, analysis, evaluation and development

Solving the Right Problems

Our extensive experience allows us to diagnose the root cause of problems correctly

Independent, unbiased advice

Work is never done as a 'matter of course'

Recommedations align with what we find

Relationship Driven

Professional and collaborative

Relationships are valued and fostered at every touch point

Our ability to understand and connect with multiple perspectives ensures engagement across all stakeholder groups

Actionable Advice

We make complex, simple (and believe) small changes can make a big difference

Solutions are achievable

A focus on people + process ensures ongoing and sustainable success

Our Culture

To better understand why we do what we do, we feel it's important to share the foundations of our own company culture.  We believe this is an important element in your decision to partner with us.


To optimise the effectiveness of organisations through culture and leadership so they can achieve their best results, manage risks and create competitive advantage.


To lead the way in culture change innovation, delivering results for clients and thought leadership

Our core values


We listen to learn and know that in-depth understanding is critical if we are to solve the right problems and seize the right opportunities.


We work collaboratively and communicate openly and honestly to solve problems and deliver the best results.  


We believe in delivering actionable and appropriate advice; advice that serves a real need and in doing so generates a real, sustainable return. 


Doing what we say we will is a given. For us, reliability is about ‘being there’ - to deliver trusted advice and anticipate needs.


Knowledge and expertise may be the guide, yet when it comes to delivering solutions that inspire and engage, ingenuity must lead the way.