Culture is the key

to unlocking your organisation's greatest potential

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Creating Culture

for Organisational Effectiveness


"At HENRY REED, we assess, design and create workplace cultures to align with strategic objectives and optimise results through people."

We believe that people provide the greatest competitive advantage for organisations, and that organisations have an incredible ability to engage and inspire their people.  

High performing organisations create their culture by design not default, and develop their internal capability to deliver their strategic objectives.  


We are passionate about helping organisations transform and grow through the creation of a company culture that works to turn the potential that lies within into performance. 

Georgia Henry, Director of Henry Reed

When culture is managed,

risks are reduced ...

Organisation culture has been cited as the reason for the downfall of many successful companies in recent times.

Boards and CEOs must include culture assessments and culture reporting as a regular activity tied closely to governance and risk appetite.


A culture audit provides independent and unbiased expertise to mitigate the culture risks presented by ...


Rapid Growth

Change of Leadership

Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic, operational or technological change

Declining performance

Change in market conditions

Compliance Breaches

Increased internal or external complaints

... and organisations become more effective

Model of Organisational Effectiveness 2021 (c).png

To achieve organisational effectiveness, it is essential to understand the foundations, frameworks and impacts on employee behaviour.


Culture is often described as ‘the way we do things around here’.  It is unique to every organisation.  It is the ‘magic’ that, when optimised, delivers results, mitigates risks and creates competitive advantage. 

HENRY REED's  Model of Organisational Effectiveness links the elements that are essential for creating a workforce that is engaged, aligned and accountable.

1.  Foundation of Identity

2.  Framework for Action

3.  Leadership Impact

4.  Culture Experience

5.  Culture Impact

We believe an organisation's success starts with culture ...

... but how do you know if your culture is working for you or against you?

Popular opinion would have many believe culture, much like happiness, is in essence, intangible.  Therefore it can't be measured.  We believe culture can and should be measured.

Our Culture Audit provides qualitative and quantitative data from an independent and unbiased perspective to identify culture risks and opportunities.

... and great culture is created 

by design not default

Every organisation is different and every culture is unique and so every solution we develop must be 'fit-for-purpose' and value adding to the organisation.  We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure effective solutions and positive return on investment.

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Discover how we can add value to your organisation ...

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... and how we've added value to

our clients


Georgia is an outstanding partner who excels at delivering the highest quality of work. Her personal and professional maturity, positive energy, and commitment for change were critical factors that ensured the successful completion of our global projects. She is a true collaborator and an exceptional business partner. 


Pranvera Zhaka, Global HR Manager, Nikon Corporation, Tokyo

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