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Webinar 'Exposing the Hidden Risk of Organisational Culture'

Join our Founder + CEO Georgia Henry as she discusses the importance of Culture's Impact: Harnessing Positives, Navigating Risks for Strategy, Compliance, and Reputation in the Organisation hosted by BoardPro.

Online Webinar - Thursday 25th May

11 - 11:45am

Your organisation’s culture can be a tremendous asset as it can drive innovation, boost employee contribution, and enhance customer satisfaction. However, on the flip side, culture can be the greatest risk to productivity, execution of strategy, compliance, reputation, and financial sustainability. Many of the indicators of culture risk are not visible to boards who are responsible for all the associated risks and negative impacts.

Identify hidden culture risks in your organisation and, through our exploration of real-life examples, understand how to implement strategies to optimise culture for organisational effectiveness:

  • Understand the link between culture ownership and culture risk;

  • Critically evaluate your role in creating, understanding, and maintaining culture;

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your culture data and insights; and

  • Use culture as a strategic lever for organisational effectiveness – its about culture impact not culture activity.


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