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Regardless of your industry, organisation size, location, or what you do, your success starts and ends with people and that requires an intentional focus on culture and leadership.

HENRY REED supports boards, directors, CEOs, and business owners to achieve positive culture impact

HENRY REED are specialists in supporting organisations with complex culture and leadership issues. 

We partner with our clients to understand their organisation culture and support them to optimise opportunities for creating competitive advantage, mitigating risks from behaviours, and delivering improved financial and non-financial results.


At HENRY REED, we believe in culture impact over culture activity, and the importance of leveraging culture as a strategy.

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The connection between improving results, reducing risks and optimising your organisation's effectiveness is culture.


Taking an intentional and strategic approach to culture and leadership will keep you ahead of your competition, particularly if you are experiencing ...

When markets are changing, operational costs are increasing, recruiting and retaining the right people is tough, and legislative compliance places the responsibility for workplace environments on directors and officers, a strategic focus on culture is essential.


Rapid growth

Change of leadership

Mergers & acquisitions (pre & post integration)

Strategic, operational or technological change

Declining performance

Change in market conditions

Compliance breaches

Increased internal or external complaints

Don't wait until your organisation is in crisis to understand and act on culture.  

HENRY REED's approach is guided by our Model of Organisational Effectiveness

To achieve organisational effectiveness through culture and leadership, it is essential to understand the foundations, frameworks and impacts on employee behaviour.


Culture is often described as ‘the way we do things around here’.  It is unique to every organisation.  It is the ‘magic’ that, when optimised, delivers results, mitigates risks and creates competitive advantage. 

HENRY REED's  Model of Organisational Effectiveness links the elements that are essential for creating a workforce that is engaged, aligned and accountable.

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The core elements of your identity must be more than words on a page or posters on a wall. Your purpose, vision and values should represent who you are as an organisation, describe what is most important to you and the impact of what you do.

Your identity informs your culture and your brand, and sets you apart from your competition.

Your culture is supported and guided by your governance, strategy and risk frameworks.  These form the boundaries for upholding standards, guiding decisions and actions, enabling ways of working, and aligning activity to achieve what is most important.  Your frameworks embed culture for sustainability.

Your leaders have the greatest impact on culture, both positive and negative. They are responsible for influencing others, upholding standards, engaging individuals, and inspiring performance.  Leadership behaviours across your organisation must be consistent, aligned to identity and positively impact experience.

The experiences of your employees, customers and other stakeholders build your reputation and can be the difference between attracting and retaining the best employees, growing your business through your customers, and standing out in your industry. Understanding experience and creating desirable experiences is key for intentional culture design.

The impact of your culture is often identified through business metrics such as employee turnover, absenteeism, complaints, financial or reputation or compliance risks, and observed behaviours. This is often the starting point for many organisations to act on culture.  Proactively creating culture provides an opportunity to positively manage culture impact.


We take a holistic approach to understanding, designing and embedding culture to achieve the desired culture impact.


HENRY REED is trusted by boards, directors, CEOs and business owners across industries to deliver customised solutions for enduring results

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