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Digital Transformation Starts + Ends With People

Regardless of your industry, organisation size, or your product, the success of any digital transformation initiative will greatly depend on the effectiveness of your organisation’s culture and leadership. This is something that must be considered when developing organisational strategy.

As new technologies continue to emerge and present seemingly exciting opportunities for both the workforce and organisational performance, it appears some organisations still face resistance and slow uptake of new digital products.

If the scope of contemporary technology offers benefit and potential, such as access to critical data and generation of customer insights at the click of a button and the reduction of mundane aspects of work that free up employees for more engaging or meaningful tasks, then what prevents workforce adoption? Simple. Digital transformation agendas often underestimate or overlook the person component and what is required to get people onboard.

Employee engagement and commitment to the digital agenda is driven by leadership and the cultivation of a culture that sets the foundations for openness to new ways of working. If leadership is misaligned and lacking capability, and the culture is one of mistrust and opposition, then adoption will be an issue. On the flip side, a culture of innovation, accountability, and customer centricity, that is modelled by leadership who possess the skills to lead cultural change, set the essential building blocks for the implementation of new technologies.

If your objective is to optimise or implement new technology to create competitive advantage and maximise organisational performance, the connection between digital transformation and benefits realisation is culture.

Investing in people brings great rewards and engaging HENRY REED as your culture and leadership partner will ensure your investment in organisational culture and the employee experience provides measurable impact and the delivery of strategic results.

Connect with HENRY REED to take an intentional and human-centric strategic approach towards achieving your culture and leadership goals.

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