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Employee + Customer Experience Mapping


Partnering to understand key stakeholder experience and align behaviours to support culture.

Company Overview

Industry: Childcare and Early Learning, not-for-profit

Workforce: 230+ employees across multiple centres

Location: 20+ centres across Queensland, Australia


Following the acquisition of a number of independently run childcare centres this not-for-profit organisation experienced difficulties retaining staff and attracting new employees.

In response to these challenges the Executive Leadership Team embraced an opportunity to explore how organisational culture could be enhanced to improve both employee and customer experience, and ultimately support the optimisation of organisational effectiveness.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Employee attraction and retention

  • Customer attraction and retention

  • Understanding the needs and perspectives of employees and customers

  • Establishing a shared vision and sense of belonging for employees and customers across the organisation.



HENRY REED supported and facilitated our efforts to better segment and understand the needs of our customers. This work helped us refine our services and target our marketing to key customer groups - early signs indicate greater understanding of our services and positive enrolment trends.

We also wanted to better understand our staff motivations and vocation, to best support and retain our existing employees and attract new staff whose values align with our organisation values and passion for childcare. Changes to our staff engagement model have resulted in a positive response from staff.

I’d recommend HENRY REED services to any organisation looking to better support its staff and meet customer needs. "



HENRY REED was initially engaged to co-design and enhance organisational culture, by supporting the development of clearly defined purpose, vision, and values across the organisation. The subsequent Experience Mapping project sought to identify key aspects of employee and customer interactions to enhance broader organisational culture implementation.


  • The Experience Mapping project was designed in collaboration between HENRY REED and key members of operational and management teams of the organisation to generate a detailed account of what it was like working and interacting with the organisation.

  • Qualitative data was collected from key groups across the organisation and integrated as part of the design process.

Supporting Documents:

  • Illustrated employee and customer personas and accompanying journey maps

  • Employee value proposition and customer value proposition

  • Detailed report presenting key findings and actionable recommendations for maturing organisational culture and customer experience based on contextual information discovered during the research process.


Impact + Results

The creation of visual person-centred perspectives capturing the lived experience of what it is like to interact with the organisation as an employee and as a customer assisted the understanding and identification of aspects that can be enhanced through organisational culture change and customer focus.

This project highlighted actionable improvements to positively impact employee and customer interactions and experiences with the organisation. Monitoring of employee and customer attraction and retention are underway, with interaction opportunities focused on improving the experience for key stakeholders during moments that matter.


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