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Having the courage to NOT meet expectations!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

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So much is written and spoken about the importance of meeting expectations. I am guilty myself of spruiking the requirement for managers to communicate expectations and for employees to work to meet those expectations. This is “performance management 101!”

Recently, I realised the courage it takes to make decisions that are not in line with the expectations that others have set for you: not just your managers or co-workers but also your family members and friends.

Everyone you interact with has an expectation of you. These expectations may be formed based on what they know of you, your position, your past behaviour, the aspirations you have communicated or just their opinion. Personally, I have always been motivated to conform to these expectations and to exceed them as far as results are concerned.

But not anymore.

I have made some significant, personal and professional decisions over the past 18 months that have taken a lot of courage, not just because of their life changing nature, but because I have gone against the expectations of those around me.

While it takes courage to make tough decisions, it then takes conviction and enthusiasm to stay motivated while you alter the expectations of others, build their understanding and regain their confidence to support you in the achievement of new goals.

For me these new goals included, leaving a fantastic and satisfying corporate career, moving interstate to refocus on family, starting a business, and pursuing new opportunities … these choices did not align with other people’s expectations of me!!

Over the last 18 months, I have gained confidence in making the courageous decisions to break out my comfort zone and experienced the satisfaction of learning from the challenges this brings.

I have also seen the strengthening of relationships born from honest communication and the creation of new or shared goals. But most of all, I have delighted in the new opportunities, the new connections and creation of a wave of excitement I have been able to bring to those around me.

So, for anyone who has big dreams, have the courage not to be limited by the expectations of those around you.

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