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In The Media - Can companies legally force employees back to the office full-time?

Just one in 10 workers are heading into the city five days a week, according to a Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry survey.

And from June 6 onwards, employees can legally challenge an employer’s refusal to grant flexible work arrangements.

So does creating a positive work culture encourage returns? Not necessarily!

Our Founder and CEO, Georgia Henry, weighed in on the topic suggesting:

“To me, all of these are leadership issues and not employee issues. When leaders can effectively 'lead culture,' they create an environment of trust, productivity, and improve the value proposition for employees and the organisation.

In our company, we have a flexible work policy and employees are trusted to get work done. The focus is on understanding individual needs, setting clear expectations for what is required, regular communication, and demonstration of care for each individual's needs.

If an employee is not able to come into the office, our approach is to understand why and what can be done to ensure they are able to contribute as needed and have the support they require. It is a much better approach than losing a quality employee to a competitor.”

Thank you, HRD Australia for covering this important topic.

Read the full article - Human Resource Director (Australia) "Can companies legally force employees back to the office full-time?" by Louis White, 30 May 2023.



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