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Investing In Your People

There is no denying that times are changing and so are the pressures on organisations, leaders, and employees. We know organisations are doing it tough in the current market as economic conditions have presented numerous challenges for organisations and leaders who must navigate increasing operating costs, increasing employee attrition, difficulty hiring quality candidates, higher expectations from employees and legislative compliance.

As you prepare for the 2024 financial year, consider the benefits to your bottom line of understanding your current culture, mitigating the risks of poor culture (including financial, reputation, compliance, safety, and employee risks), developing your leaders, and ensuring your business can attract and retain quality employees and maintain a positive return on your investment in your people.

At HENRY REED, we understand that the cost and risk of not acting on culture is far greater than proactively investing in and creating culture, but we are also realistic about current economic pressures. We have developed some solutions you can implement now, next and into the future to establish solid culture foundations for sustainable success.

When organisation foundations feel shaky, it is important to remember that organisational culture is not a peripheral concern that can be treated as a side hustle, nor should it be considered a discretionary expense. Rather, it is a vital investment that directly impacts the well-being and performance of the workforce, ultimately contributing to organisational performance and effectiveness.

If your objective is to optimise opportunities for creating competitive advantage, mitigating risks from behaviours and delivering improved financial and non-financial results across all areas of your organisation, the connection is culture.

Partner with HENRY REED to assess your current culture, co-design your desired future state and upskill your internal leadership capability to turn the potential that lies within, into performance and deliver a measurable return on investment, even in times of economic hardship and uncertainty.

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