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Positive work cultures are more productive

At HENRY REED, we understand how important people are to the success of any business and believe culture is the key to unlock their individual potential, achieve company purpose, and deliver strategic results.

Read the article below to learn how a positive work culture can support a more productive work environment and deliver great benefits for employers, employees, and organisations.

Understanding and embracing the core elements of your organisation identity, developing and embedding frameworks, systems, processes and structures to support desired ways of working, and developing leadership capabilities and positive role modelling behaviours all contribute to a positive employee experience and the creation of a positive workplace culture.

When these elements work in harmony, they drive engagement, alignment, and accountability, further highlighting that the connection between an engaged workforce and a productive work environment is positive organisation culture.

An independent and evidence-based understanding of your current organisation culture, identifying strengths and opportunities to enhance culture and improve employee experience, is the first step in creating an environment where employees can thrive and deliver strategic business goals.

Partner with HENRY REED to harness the power of culture and leadership. Contact us on 1300 266 995 to arrange a complimentary Culture Discovery Session to discover how our culture and leadership services can support your organisation, leaders, and employees to thrive.

Harvard Business Review: Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive Article by Emma Seppälä and Kim Cameron



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