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Shifting expectations for consultants

In 2023 we have seen some of Australia's largest and most relied on consulting firms face significant failures in ethical execution, breaches of trust internally and externally, and the consequences of widespread reputation damage including significant redundancies.

The consulting landscape has certainly shifted and expectations of organisations engaging consultants have as well.

Organisations are facing a multitude of business challenges in trying to keep up with the continual change of regulations and legislative requirements, social and environmental expectations, increasing operational costs, supply chain issues, and staff shortages to name some that are commonly felt.

Recent feedback from a number of our clients has indicated a frustration of working with big firms including standard or 'cookie cutter' approaches and recent graduates being the front line of support.

Engaging a consultant must provide added value and is not simply an extension of an internal team otherwise, why not hire someone internally?

In the current environment, organisations must expect consultants to have specialist skills and experience, be truly consultative and adaptable to meet the specific needs of the organisation or the problem to solve, and ensure the sustainability of solutions implemented by upskilling internal teams and supporting organisations to embed change.

At HENRY REED, we are solely focused on our areas of speciality being culture and leadership.

Culture is our passion as we believe it is the only thing that makes a significant difference to organisational effectiveness and transformation.

Leadership is the enabler of culture and without it organisations will struggle to uphold standards and reinforce desired behaviours and ways of working.

To discuss how HENRY REED may be able to support your organisation, I invite you to contact me for a confidential discussion.

Georgia Henry




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