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Are you selecting the right employee or managing the wrong employee?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

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Where do you spend most of your effort & investment in the employee life cycle?

Is it at the front end ensuring that you hire the right person? Or is most of your effort spent trying to make the wrong person more effective?

Filling a vacancy can often be influenced by: the urgency and time constraints dictated by the departing employee; the impact on customers, employees and service delivery; and of course financial results. Because of this, many recruitment processes focus on matching the skills, knowledge and experience required for the role and are not structured to explore the cultural fit, alignment with values and leadership style.

Just because someone has done a similar role elsewhere does not guarantee that they will thrive and add value in your organisation. But how can you tell?

Ticking the boxes of qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience is an important part of the process. But equally important is to determine if your potential new employee has the following:

• personal values that align to the Company Values

• leadership style that will engage and motivate their team

• personality type to suit the role & responsibilities

• emotional intelligence to behave in an appropriate manner in different circumstances

Making an offer of employment is a decision with far reaching consequences within your business and of course externally with your customers.

Getting the decision right the first time provides a far better return on investment and increases the employee's potential for success.

Robust selection process supported by the right pre-employment assessments will provide valuable insights to help you make the right decision.

For assistance in implementing a robust and insightful selection process in your business contact Georgia on 1300 266 995.


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