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Change your strategy not your vision

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Henry Reed, HR solutions, leadership vision, culture vision

Your vision becomes your company’s target, and the leader’s job is to rally people around that target and strategize to hit it. This can be done by setting long-term goals and having short-term agility." Bryce Welker

This is particularly true at times of change within an organisation. The article linked below is aimed at start-ups but change requiring agility, rallying people and keeping focus on the company's vision occur constantly in organisations. Examples include: mergers and acquisitions, change in CEO or key stakeholders, market or economic changes, product innovation, technology ... the list goes on. At HENRY REED we believe that the culture of your business should reflect the aspirations of your Vision and ignite the passion of your employees to carry your organisation in the direction of your goals. We believe that an organisation's employees are their most important point of difference and provide the greatest competitive advantage for any business.

If your organisation is experiencing change and requires some direction or support please contact me for a confidential discussion: Georgia Henry 0414 808 060



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