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Culture Audit


Independent insights and evidence-based research on the current state of culture.

Company Overview

Industry: Community-based organisation

Workforce: Corporate services, youth members, adult volunteers and leaders

Location: Queensland, Australia


Upon reaching an impressive 100-year milestone, this community based organisation wanted to ensure their sustainability into the future and their ability to deliver programs and activities in line with their mission and vision to support girls, young women, and their communities.

In response to feedback, the Board and CEO embraced the opportunity to better understand their organisation culture and engaged HENRY REED’s culture and leadership services.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Investigating pockets of concern identified through complaints and feedback

  • Addressing behaviour to ensure a safe environment for all members, volunteers, employees, and partners

  • Understanding the current state of culture and influences of culture to identify issues and opportunities, and create a business case to drive impactful culture change.


" Thank you so much for all the time and work that you have given us. Your facilitation and presentation has been nothing short of excellent, professional, and insightful. The board realises we have a lot of work ahead of us but we have a great foundation to commence this work to ensure the best possible outcomes for our organisation.




HENRY REED worked closely with the CEO and Board to support the identification of culture issues impacting youth members, adult volunteers, and leaders.

An independent assessment of current culture, with identified risks and recommendations, was conducted to help the organisation understand and prioritise actions to create an environment that supports inclusivity and respect for all members, employees, and business partners.

Initial service:

  • An independent assessment of current culture was conducted to identify culture risks and recommendations.

  • The HENRY REED proprietary Model of Organisational Effectiveness was used to assess the current state of culture based on key elements influencing organisation culture.

Following the delivery of a Culture Audit, HENRY REED was engaged to conduct additional culture and leadership services including:

  • Development of effective behaviour management and compliance policies

  • Development of a customised coaching and leadership program for leaders and employees

  • Creation and implementation of a mentoring program to support volunteer leaders in managing behavioural issues and ensuring an inclusive and respectful culture.


Impact + Results

With the support of HENRY REED, the organisation has renewed its commitment to deliver the objectives detailed in their strategic plan and continued its focus on improving and leading culture by providing opportunities for leaders to participate in a bespoke Leadership Champions program.

The organisation now has a renewed focus and the internal leadership capability to focus on supporting desired collective behaviours and accountability.

HENRY REED looks forward to continuing their association with this organisation as they continue their culture evolution.


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