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Culture Design

Case Study Partnering to co-design the optimal culture for organisational effectiveness.

Company Overview Industry: Manufacturing Workforce: 50+ employees

Years of operation: 20+ years

Location: Gold Coast, Australia


After recognising the significant costs associated with:

  • Employee turnover

  • Difficulty attracting and retaining quality employees

  • A lack of accountability displayed through employee behaviours

  • Issues arising from the workplace environment

Senior leaders embraced the opportunity to address these issues through proactive culture enhancement.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Limited labour market

  • Employee turnover

  • Communication and feedback

  • Leadership consistency and capability

  • Performance and workload management

  • Employee behaviours and accountability

  • Identifying the desired future state of culture.



A moment of pride for me was seeing the old organisation values come off the wall and witnessing a collective commitment to living the new values, knowing the positive impact this would have for their business, their employees, and their customers. GEORGIA HENRY, HENRY REED DIRECTOR




HENRY REED delivered a targeted culture design and enhancement project to establish clear and consistent purpose, vision, and values applicable to the whole organisation. Services:

  • The HENRY REED proprietary Model of Organisational Effectiveness was used to understand the current state of culture and guide the development of culture elements

  • A collaborative co-design approach ensured buy-in, understanding, and acceptance of culture expectations and change.


  • Culture Assessment (Culture Audit and recommendations)

  • Culture Design and Culture Enhancement (Culture BluePrint with Communication, Engagement, and Embedment Plan)

  • Capability Development Framework and Behaviour Development Workshops aligned to identified values.


Impact + Results

  • The organisation has a renewed focus on collective behaviours, performance, and accountability.

  • Culture elements are used to enhance recruitment, onboarding, development, and team effectiveness.

  • Improvements are being monitored and measured, providing a focus on continuous improvement.


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