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Leadership Coaching


Supporting leaders to be their best by delivering customised coaching programs facilitated by an accredited Executive Leadership Coach.

Company Overview Industry: Performing Arts, Government

Workforce: 150+ professionals across corporate and artistic teams

Location: Brisbane, Queensland


In response to changes in team members, organisation priorities, and different leadership styles the organisation recognised the benefit of tailored coaching for their executive team in order to improve the performance and people management capability of individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Key Focus Areas:

Creation of customised, independent development plans to guide coaching priorities on personal development and growth opportunities, key improvement area, and targeted outcomes.


" I want to thank you again for the leadership coaching sessions we have had. I have gained invaluable insights from the survey, and you have helped me reflect on my leadership style and to focus on areas where I need to improve. I greatly appreciate your honesty, knowledge, and sound advice. I’m confident that I will be a better and more effective leader as a result. I’m looking forward to catching up again with you in the near future.




HENRY REED was engaged to support this organisation on their quest for continued growth and development by delivering a series of tailored individual and group coaching sessions to build leadership capabilities and emotional intelligence, enhance team performance, and optimise organisational effectiveness.


  • 5 x 1 hour face-to-face coaching sessions per person with an accredited Executive Leadership Coach

  • A series of group coaching sessions for the executive team

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders 360 Feedback Report

  • McQuaig psychometric evaluation for personal development

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Development Tips Workbook.


Impact + Results

The intent of this customised executive leadership coaching program was to ensure consistency of interactions, ways of working and expectations of consistent implementation across the organisation.

Following completion of the program, HENRY REED continued their involvement with executive leaders and the organisation to support positive and ongoing improvement and demonstrated change in performance and results.



Your invaluable guidance and advice have been immediately useful, making my learning authentic and realistic. The knowledge and experiences you shared will stick with me. Thank you!



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