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M&A culture considerations for successful integration

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

If your organisation is currently undergoing M&A proceedings, or looking to commence the process take a few moments to consider the following culture considerations and set your organisation up for successful integration.

  • How closely is the board monitoring and managing the cultural differences of all merging entities?

  • How effectively are leaders across the organisation communicating the benefits of the change, expectations, and future plans across the entire organisation?

  • Have employees been provided with an opportunity to contribute to defining the jointly shared company values and behaviours?

  • Is the employee experience being monitored and is there a strategy to create alignment across the organisation?

  • How well has the M&A managed an independent culture audit, similar to a financial audit?

If you are unable to answer these questions with confidence, you may require support to unlock the benefits of culture during an M&A period.

At HENRY REED, we understand that the connection between employee experience and organisational performance outcomes is culture, so we work with clients to ensure the successful integration of employees into their newly formed organisation, setting an organisation up for success before, during, and long after integration is complete.

To discover how HENRY REED can support your organisation, leaders, and employees through M&A proceedings contact 1300 266 995 to arrange a complimentary Culture Discovery Session.



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