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Culture Design

Updated: Feb 23


Partnering to co-design the optimal culture for organisational effectiveness.

Company Overview

Industry: Not-For-profit, community services

Workforce: 700+ employees

Years of operation: 150+ years

Location: Geelong Region, VIC, Australia


HENRY REED (in collaboration with Kylie Paatsch) led an organisational identity and culture co-design project to enable the successful integration of two large not-for-profit organisations to form one unified organisational entity and realise strategic benefits.

Upon making the mutual decision to merge two well-respected not-for-profit community service organisations with a long history and a legacy for community support, the Board identified the need to establish an organisational identity through the development of a Culture BluePrint and creation of a new company name representative of the partnership and the desired community impact.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Establish strong cultural foundations for integration

  • Unearth and reflect the strengths of both organisations

  • Inspire engagement and commitment to the merger and desired future culture state of the new organisation

  • Adopt lens of employees and the community for connection

  • Reflect the voice and desire of employee and stakeholder groups

  • Ensure strong organisational communication throughout the process

  • Support the launch and provide direction for embedding culture



HENRY REED was delighted to have had the opportunity to support the organisation in the integral stages of the change journey and enabling the implementation of the core foundations for effective organisational performance. The future for the newly formed organisation provides incredible opportunities for employees, those who access services and the community.





  • The HENRY REED propriety Model of Organisational Effectiveness was used to guide the development of key culture elements and organisational identity

  • The Board and Senior Executive Team were supported to lead all stakeholders through the complexities of merging two work cultures while creating a new culture for future success and sustainability

  • A collaborative approach provided all employees with the opportunity to take part in the co-design process and ensured understanding and commitment to culture expectations and the change.


Impact + Results

Development of a Culture BluePrint, including organisational beliefs, purpose, vision, guiding philosophy, and values driven behaviours that shape the new organisation, align ways of working, enable strategy, and optimise the employee experience and organisational outcomes.

Significantly enhanced employee commitment to the future state as one new identity by helping employees recognise, through co-design process, the strong alignment to the desired culture and intent for community impact across the two former organisations.

Established key foundations for the new organisation name ensuring it reflects the unified culture, the organisations’ impact in the community and role it plays as a leader in the sector to instigate change that will result in the achievement of the organisation vision.

Culture elements have enabled the positioning of the organisation strategy and are being integrated into the employee life cycle, including attraction, selection, onboarding, development and team and leadership effectiveness. This will enable the organisation to achieve stronger outcomes for the community, along with providing better experiences for employees and service users.


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