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Culture of 'fear and silence'

The Report from the Commission of Inquiry into Queensland Police Service culture has been handed down and it has found a "failure of leadership" accountable for "a pervasive culture of fear and silence".

Fear and silence can make it difficult for issues to be raised into the open, especially when there is a failure of leadership to drive values, uphold standards, make the hard calls on behaviour, and invest time, money, and resources to solve culture issues whether they be outbreak, systemic, or legacy issues.

Why do organisation's wait until they are in crisis?

For too long, culture and leadership have not been prioritised over operations or business as usual. This is a huge mistake and the result is increased risk to people and organisations, failure to deliver on strategic outcomes and every day deliverables, and in some cases, significant physical and psychological damage to good people.

Culture and leadership are the foundations for an effective organisation and when these drive behaviours aligned to the delivery of your strategic objectives, there will be almost nothing that can stop the success of your organisation and your people.

If you have any concerns about your organisation's culture, contact HENRY REED on 1300 266 995 or book a time to discuss options for culture audit, culture design, and leading culture.

Full Article on ABC News: Commission of inquiry into Queensland police culture and responses to domestic violence report handed down.

Article by state political reporter Rachel Riga, Ciara Jones and Antonia O'Flaherty



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