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Culture Self-Assessment

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The risk of not measuring and managing culture is no longer acceptable to boards, shareholders or regulatory authorities. The responsibility for culture starts at board level and is executed by the CEO and leadership team.

HENRY REED are organisation culture experts who partner with you to identify culture issues. We will help you create a culture that supports your company’s purpose, vision and values, manages risk, delivers strategic results and sets you apart from your competition.

We believe an organisation's success starts with culture ...

... but how do you know if your culture is working for you or against you?

Take an online assessment to understand the culture strengths, opportunities and risks that may be created by your organisation's governance structure, leadership, and work practices.

For a free initial consultation, to discuss your results and how HENRY REED can support your board, CEO, and organisation, please contact: P: 1300 266 995 E:

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