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The HENRY REED Difference

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

At HENRY REED, our human-centric approach to culture and leadership is reflected in our proprietary Model of Organisational Effectiveness.

This model demonstrates the relationship that exists between the core elements of identity, the frameworks that define how we work, leadership influence and capability, the human experiences associated with organisations and most importantly, the impact of culture.

This holistic view of culture and the impact of leadership moves beyond simply exploring employee engagement, culture activities and wellbeing to deeply understand culture drivers and impact.

Guided by our Model of Organisational Effectiveness and philosophy of turning potential into performance, our customised culture and leadership solutions transform organisations and support people as we partner with our clients, co-design with employees, upskill internal capability and ensure that all implemented solutions are sustainable and fit for purpose to deliver measurable return on investment.

Learn more about each element of our model and our unique approach to understanding, creating, embedding, leading, experiencing and monitoring culture to transform organisations and support people below:

HENRY REED_Model of Organisational Effectiveness & Services
Download PDF • 675KB

Connect with HENRY REED to take an inte

ntional and human-centric strategic approach towards achieving your culture and leadership goals.

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