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Model of Organisational Effectiveness

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

At HENRY REED, we focus on the human experience of work, with our foundations and frameworks firmly set on people and culture.

Our human-centric approach to culture and leadership is based on our proprietary Model of Organisational Effectiveness. This unique approach prioritises understanding employee behaviour and alignment to organisation purpose, vision, and values, and seeks to optimise the impact of organisational frameworks, leadership capability, and desired outcomes.

This holistic view of culture and the impact of leadership moves beyond simply exploring employee engagement, culture activities, and wellbeing to deeply understand employee experience, culture drivers, and impact.

The HENRY REED Model of Organisational Effectiveness demonstrates the symbiotic relationship that exists between the core elements of identity, the frameworks that define how employees work, leadership influences and capability, the human experiences associated with organisations and, most importantly, the impact of culture.

It is important to recognise that none of these elements work in isolation. Identity, Governance, Strategy, Risk, Leadership and Experience must be aligned to support the achievement of results, the mitigation of risk and the creation of competitive advantage. These elements work together to support an organisation's culture impact. Having a strong culture intent driven from the top will help align these areas, measure the impact areas, assist with decision making and allocation of resources for impact.

At HENRY REED, we use this model to guide all aspects of our work, as we seek to improve organisational effectiveness through culture and leadership.

Guided by our proprietary Model of Organisational Effectiveness HENRY REED will help your organisation:

· Understand your culture strengths, opportunities, and risks

· Design culture for organisational effectiveness and positive impact

· Create a sustainable culture embedded in strategy, governance, and risk

· Develop leaders to lead culture and positively impact employees

· Improve and align experiences of employees and customers

· Support boards and executives to monitor and act on culture.

Connect with HENRY REED to discover how our culture and leadership solutions can support the achievement of your strategic objectives:

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