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  • Georgia Henry

Systemic & Outbreak Culture Issues

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Are #culture issues within your organisation SYSTEMIC or OUTBREAK?

Culture issues have been exposed in many organisations over recent months. How they are managed depends on whether they are systemic or outbreak issues.

Systemic issues evolve over time and restrict organisations from optimising their effectiveness and being able to implement #change. They are built in to the systems and processes, the unwritten ground rules, and the 'way we do things'.

Fixing systemic culture issues requires a #cultureaudit to identify what's broken and #culturedesign for effective rebuilding so the organisation has the ability to deliver results.

Outbreak culture can be linked to #leadership, the influence of key stakeholders, specific teams or departments, and change implementation. Outbreak culture can be extremely damaging and quickly destroy an otherwise effective and functioning culture resulting in higher employee turnover, reduced #productivity and flow on to damage #customerexperience.

Outbreak culture needs to be identified and addressed quickly to minimise impact. Culture assessment, workshops, #leadershipdevelopment and effective #performancemanagement can resolve outbreak culture.

Are culture issues within your organisation SYSTEMIC or OUTBREAK, or both?

To better understand the culture issues and their impact within your business, call us to arrange a complimentary Culture Discovery Session. It will help you make decisions about your approach to fixing culture and optimising organisational effectiveness.

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