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  • Natalie Claut

The impact of onboarding on organisational culture

Updated: May 30, 2022

Many organisations overlook the importance of strategic cultural onboarding of new staff. By focusing on compliance and operational introductions and instructions many miss the invaluable opportunity to align employee behaviours to organisational vision.

HENRY REED has had lots to celebrate recently with many of our team achieving service milestones and our team expanding to welcome new members. As we continue to grow, our onboarding program becomes increasingly important in supporting new recruits to understand and immerse themselves in the ways of our organisation and it also serves as a timely reminder and pulse check for current employees.

Here are our top five tips for successful onboarding to help new hires understand, embrace, and live your organisation’s purpose, vision, values, and ambition.

1. Prepare in advance - no one wants to feel like an afterthought on their first day

2. Let everyone know about your new team member so they can be welcomed to the team

3. Allow enough time to onboard effectively

4. Don’t assume what they do and don’t know about your company, work together to develop understanding and alignment

5. The aim of successful onboarding and induction is to help your new employee achieve success and contribute as quickly as possible.



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