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The Sunday morning walk & talk

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Henry Reed, Workplace Culture

This morning I enjoyed a beautiful walk along the river at Teneriffe. I had forgotten my ear buds, so listening to music today was not an option. As I walked, I became more aware of the conversations of those I passed (or those who overtook me, to be honest!).

There were snippets of conversations, phrases and emotions shared between friends and family members as they enjoyed the fresh air, the sunshine and the beauty of walking, running, riding along the Brisbane river.

I was jolted out of my daydreaming when I heard a passionate discussion about buying additional annual leave ... unusual for a Sunday morning walk, I thought.

But as I walked I was surprised to hear different discussions about people’s managers, unfair treatment, wishes for more work flexibility, how great it would be if people could get out for a walk during the week, pay rises, job applications and promotions … on a Sunday morning!

As leaders, it can be easy to believe that the impact we have on our team members only extends to the workplace. This is far from the truth, as evidenced by the Sunday morning conversations along the Brisbane River.

Workplace culture, values, decisions, policies, leadership and communication styles, greatly impact all stakeholders within an organisation. It is important to remember that behind every employee is a network of family and friends who listen to these Sunday morning conversations, good and bad.

These conversations lead to opinions and drive the decisions and actions of not only employees, but customers, suppliers, business partners and those who are yet to interact with your organisation.

Food for thought … what type of conversations will your team members be having on Sunday morning? And, who is listening?

Georgia Henry



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