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  • Georgia Henry

Too busy to provide feedback? That's a costly mistake!

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If you think that telling your team they are doing a good job on a daily basis is good enough … it’s not.

You have a team of contributing individuals and to keep them focused, thinking independently, working collaboratively and adding value to your business they need effective feedback.

Not the “great job guys” or “you could have done that better” type of feedback. I'm talking about feedback that is specific, reinforces the right behaviours and outcomes, and engages your team.

Learning how to provide effective feedback to a team member, a co-worker or even your boss is a skill that will bring you almost instant rewards.

Feedback can take as little as a couple of minutes to deliver effectively. It should:

• be delivered respectfully and at the right time

• be specific

• demonstrate your understanding of the situation

• provide a clear example of the behaviour (good or bad) that you are providing feedback on

• outline the impact of the behaviour, and

• provide a clear statement of next steps or actions.

Our Effective Feedback Workshops can be delivered in just a couple of hours. They are a great way to kick off management or sales meetings; build engagement and trust within a team; or to upskill your leaders.

See immediate results once Effective Feedback is implemented in your organisation!

Oh, and as the mum of two teenagers, I can tell you that our model works very effectively at home too!

Call Georgia on 1300 266 995 to find out more.


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