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  • Georgia Henry

2020 Culture Research Study

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Understanding the impacts on organisation culture during the first 6 months of the pandemic was the purpose of conducting our 2020 Culture Research Study. Culture drives an organisation’s ability to achieve financial and non-financial results, manage risks and create competitive advantage, and leadership is a significant influencing factor on culture.

Leadership capability gap was highlighted across all industry sectors as being the most significant impact on an organisation’s ability to deliver results and make required changes during the pandemic.    The survey has also found that an organisation’s ability to mitigate risk to ensure sustainability, solvency and competitive advantage through their people and demonstrated behaviours is impacted by the ownership of culture. When culture is owned by a board the risk focus is quite different to when it is owned by a CEO or by HR.   Download the report for further findings and insights.

Culture Research Study 2020
Download PDF • 6.68MB


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