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Critical culture areas for optimising business performance

In a recent LinkedIn post HENRY REED asked business leaders and professionals an important question.

What do you consider to be the most critical culture area for optimising business performance in the current market?

  1. Understanding organisation culture risk

  2. Impact of employee experience

  3. Capability to lead culture

  4. Identity and strategy alignment

The results

Over half of the respondents indicated that the capability to lead culture is the most critical focus area, followed by the need to manage the impact of organisational culture on employee experience.

  • Capability to lead culture (54%)

  • Impact of employee experience (23%)

  • Identity and strategy alignment (15%)

  • Understanding organisation culture risk (8%)

These results are reflective of what we encounter across various organisations.

Many companies will make a concerted effort to identify their desired culture to enhance organisational effectiveness, but the lynch pin is having the specific leadership capabilities for leading culture and alignment to values-based behaviours that make the desired state a reality.

HENRY REED is here to support your organisation to align your leadership capabilities with your values and develop leaders to lead themselves, others, and the organisation with confidence. Call 1300 266 995 to book a time to discuss how we can help you enhance your leadership capability to impact positive culture change today.

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