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Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity In The Workplace

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The world is changing, as is the nature of work and the legal requirements for employers to proactively ensure that employees experience safe and inclusive work environments. As a society we are being called to crack outdated codes for an inclusive and equal future by actively embracing equity. For many, this may require:

  • recognising the need to change

  • actively challenging gender stereotypes

  • drawing attention to bias

  • calling out discrimination

  • identifying inappropriate behaviours

  • putting a stop to toxic norms within the workplace.

Where to start?

Many of the diversity, inclusivity and equity issues that exist in workplaces stem from unconscious biases and entrenched unwritten ground rules that are reflected in organisational culture norms. Any hindering or unconstructive actions, behaviours, and outcomes that people witness are typically surface level indicators of deeper systemic issues.

To be able to genuinely shift culture norms, it’s necessary to go to the core and unearth misaligned and unconstructive culture drivers, followed by overtly redefining the beliefs and values that reflect organisational culture.

Like any period of transformation, the need for change begins with the recognition that something is not right. The next stage is a leadership commitment to create a different future driven workplace culture where all people are equally valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities in safe and inclusive environments.

If understanding your culture and making sustainable change towards equity is important to you and your organisation, the HENRY REED team can provide you with the support and expertise you need. Contact us today to arrange a culture discovery session.

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