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Don't Let A Culture Iceberg Sink Your Organisation

We often hear leaders claim they know the culture of their organisation because they ‘walk the floor’. While this is a good leadership practice, it should be noted that the actions and behaviours on display only account for 10-20% of the ‘overt’ visual elements of any culture, the other 80-90% relate to the underlying beliefs, values and assumptions that exist under the surface. What’s more, when people are observed by an authority figure and when a work environment is relatively stable, we will see the best version of the workplace culture. It’s during times of change, instability, and increased stress, that people revert to their values to guide their choices and interactions. If organisational values and values driven behaviours have not been effectively embedded, this is when you are likely to witness some concerning behaviours that serve as surface symptoms of deeper culture challenges. It is what lies beneath that has the largest impact on organisational success, employee engagement and experience.

Your organisation values, purpose, and vision are at the heart of your cultural identity, this being the centre piece of the HENRY REED Model of Organisational Effectiveness. A consciously crafted and embedded culture identity sets the standard for how employees behave, interact with others, make decisions, and determine their priorities. The connection between high performing teams and organisational effectiveness is culture.

Conducting an independent and unbiased Culture Audit will help you understand your current state of culture, uncover underlying issues or risks, and opportunities for enhancement. This will set the foundations for co-designing your desired culture that will drive organisational impact.

Contact HENRY REED to conduct your Culture Audit and help you create a culture that positively impacts employee experience and serves as your strategic driver for competitive advantage.

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