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'How to hire for Emotional Intelligence"

Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership capability to develop and a sought-after skill for new hires in any workplace.

Emotional intelligence heightens our self-awareness and our awareness of others so we can appropriately perceive, use, and understand our emotions and manage our behaviours to have a positive impact on those around us. Being emotionally intelligent provides the confidence to be authentic at work and to inspire performance. It also enables us to consider the impact of our decisions and behaviour on people through emotional reasoning.

Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership capability and an important skill to effectively lead culture.

At HENRY REED, we support organisations through the development of values-aligned leadership capability frameworks, assessing the impact and capability of leadership, implementing emotional intelligence programs, redefining ways of leading and working, and supporting change and development of senior leaders through executive coaching. Contact us on 1300 266 995 to learn more about our leadership programs.

Harvard Business Review: "How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence" Article by: Annie McKee



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