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In The Media - Why it makes sense to have HR on company boards

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Should HR Directors sit on a company board? Absolutely.

Achieving sustainable strategic priorities and financial performance goals requires a focus on the workforce, organisational culture, and employee experience. Including Human Resource Directors on your board ensures that the perspectives of the workforce and the impact of decisions on employees are considered, leading to sustainable success for individuals and the organisation.

Learn more as Georgia Henry GAICD and Désirée Pascual, Chief People Officer at Headspace, discuss the pivotal role that people and culture play in achieving strategic business objectives and why it makes sense to have HR leaders on company boards.

Thank you, HRD Australia for covering this important topic.

Read the full article - Human Resource Director (Australia) "Why it makes sense to have HR on company boards" by Louis White, 29 Mar 2023.



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