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Lifting the hood on organisational culture

Looking to understand your organisational culture? Conduct a Culture Audit.

A Culture Audit is not to be confused with employee engagement surveys that provide insight into the emotional contract that employees have with an organisation. Rather, it is a process that provides a comprehensive view and understanding of the key cultural elements that impact organisational effectiveness.

Conducting a review of organisational culture through an independent and unbiased audit will uncover underlying or hidden issues, influences, risks, and opportunities for investing in culture as a strategic lever for employee attraction and retention, business impact, and attainment of strategic results. It enables the mitigation of various organisational risks, including compliance and legal, safety and wellbeing, reputation damage and financial impact.

A Culture Audit can be particularly beneficial at certain milestones or stages of organisational evolution, such as:

  • In preparation for merger and acquisition proceedings to understand and manage cultural differences to enable a successful integration.

  • During periods of growth as an organisation is scaling and seeks to effectively navigate the changing context and dynamics to ensure it continues to grow while maintaining its DNA.

  • After implementing significant changes such as new leadership or major workplace initiatives, for example a technology transformation that impacts the organisation at large.

  • In response to recurring issues or patterns negatively impacting the employee experience and organisational performance, evidenced through reduced psychological safety, collaboration, cooperation, accountability, alignment to objectives and attainment of results.

You may be wondering what is involved in a culture audit? To understand the current state culture, it is necessary to consider leadership and employee behaviours, key culture artefacts and business frameworks, and the impact of any recent events or influences within or external to the organisation that may be influencing behaviours. You may expect the process to involve:

  • Tailored surveys to provide data driven insights and issues for further exploration.

  • Review of organisational artefacts such as policies, processes, strategic and operational plans, position descriptions, and business metrics.

  • Targeted interviews and focus groups with a cross section of executives, managers, and employees across all areas of the business.

A comprehensive culture audit focuses on sustainability versus reactive quick fixes. It positions key decision makers to take the driver’s seat and dedicate effort where it will have the greatest positive, long-term organisational impact based on data and deep insights.

If you are ready to take the next step or are interested in finding a solution to the challenges or opportunities faced by your organisation related to organisational culture or leadership, don’t hesitate to get in touch with HENRY REED, we would love to hear from you.

Contact HENRY REED on 1300 266 995 or book a time to discuss conducting a Culture Audit.



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