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Removing risks through culture and leadership

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Presented at the Women In Regulation Leadership Summit.

HENRY REED Director, Georgia Henry, recently presented a workshop on removing risks through culture and leadership at the Women in Regulation Leadership Summit. Workshop attendees reflected on their leadership experiences, current understandings of organisation culture, and the impact of culture and leadership behaviours on organisation results, risks, and competitive advantage.

Regardless of an organisation’s size, location, industry, or profile, culture issues that are not addressed are an enormous risk. Many organisations that have fallen victim to their culture, experience hefty consequences including reputation damage, financial impacts, decreases in productivity, disruption to business and customers, and ultimately, the requirement to invest significant time and effort in responding to allegations, complaints, and identified risks.

Taking action to correct and improve organisation culture stemming from systemic or outbreak issues requires an investment in understanding your current culture. Organisations that recognise the value of culture and invest in their employees are able to achieve great things through culture alignment and engagement of their people.

Insights into culture and leadership risks and rewards include:

  • The greatest risks to an organisation come from the behaviours, decisions, and actions of leaders and employees.

  • Anyone can lead from anywhere in the business as leadership is about influence, actions, and behaviours rather than position, title, or power.

  • The behaviour of leaders significantly impacts the effectiveness of teams, performance, and organisational achievements.

  • Emotional intelligence is an essential leadership capability to develop in order to successfully steer your teams and organisations through trials and triumphs.

  • The cost and risk of not acting on culture is far greater than proactively investing in and creating culture. Uncover the benefits of shifting culture risk to reward - including the risks associated with turnover, productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

To better understand culture issues and their impact within your business, contact HENRY REED on 1300 266 995 to arrange a complimentary Culture Discovery Session. This session will help you make decisions about your approach to fixing culture and optimising organisational effectiveness.



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