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  • Natalie Claut

People drive business success, not numbers.

ONLINE DEBATE RECORDING: Is your business driven by numbers or people?

Thank you to everyone who joined the online debate between HENRY REED Director and Culture and Leadership Specialist, Georgia Henry, and CFO Centre Regional Director and Number Specialist, Dr Andre van Zyl.

The final audience poll indicated that 69% of attendees considered PEOPLE to be the key driver of business success over NUMBERS.

As advocates of positive organisational culture and the impact of human contribution, the HENRY REED team was happy to see PEOPLE recognised for the impact their behaviours, experiences, energy, leadership capability, and connection have on business success.

Despite the undeniable impact of human contribution, both sides recognised the important role numbers play in providing data for compelling business cases and context for starting conversations around organisational priorities and human behaviours.

This event was a collaboration between HENRY REED and The CFO Centre. For further information please email or

View the full recording and additional resources below.



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